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OO Gauge Garden Railway Links
Much of the inspiration for my own garden railway came from looking at what others had done with theirs and so here I offer a list of links to websites of interest with a brief outline of what each contains. To begin with, here are some of my favourites; more will be added in due course.


Heatherburn Garden Railway
One of the best examples of an OO gauge garden railway available at the present time. Full of ideas and inspiration and shows exactly what you can do with OO gauge models in the great outdoors. Loads of photographs taken at all stages of construction and some very nice videos.

Sutherland Steam Railway
I quite enjoyed this site despite the annoying advertisements which pop up every time you visit the home page. It's tongue in cheek but there has obviously been a lot of thought and effort put into it and it is quite clearly a labour of love. Lots of photos and videos of trains in action.

Taw Vale Garden Railway
The Taw Vale Garden Railway  is one of the forerunner's of contemporary OO gauge garden railways. The website contains a wealth of information relating to garden railways and currently hosts updates and progress relating to several other garden railway layouts.

There are several very good online forums dedicated to model railways and the ones listed below are those I visit most regularly.

Model Rail Forum
An interesting collection of layouts and articles dedicated to all areas of railway modelling catering for in excess of 7,700 registered members. (details correct as of November 2010)

New Railway Modellers
An ideal forum for those people just starting out with a model railway. Over 7,000 registered members listed. (details correct as of November 2010)

With more than 10,200 registered members (details correct as of November 2010) RMweb has a more 'advanced modeller' feel to it but still caters for newcomers to the hobby as well. This is a lively and very active forum.

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