Selby Garden Railway
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Selby Garden Railway Track Plan
A basic track plan of the Selby Garden Railway will be produced and made available shortly but briefly, the Selby Garden Railway is being constructed as a double track figure of eight. The majority of the line will be out in the garden with just a small section being routed through a 10ft x 6ft garden building housing a limited number of storage roads which will feed the layout with a variety of trains. It is anticipated that 4 or 5 sidings will be constructed for each direction and that the use of DCC will enable more than a single train to be stored on a single road, which is especially suited to diesel and electrical multiple units.

The Selby Garden Railway has a fairly large collection of stock available and it is not possible for all that stock to be available for running at any one time - there just isn't sufficient space available for the number of storage roads that would be required. It will therefore be necessary to rotate stock, especially locomotives, at predetermined intervals so that a variety of motive power is always on view.

In total, when completed it is estimated that a full circuit of the Selby Garden Railway will be approximately 130 feet in length which equates to a scale distance of about 1.87 miles.

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